Respite Care

Respite care is a very important service care homes offer that can be beneficial for both the person staying and their family. At Abbey Wood Lodge, our facilities and dedicated team provide the ideal environment for respite.

Respite care can have several uses, but all focus your loved one’s wellbeing; from their comfort to their happiness, our job is to make their time with us as enjoyable as possible. Below are some examples of when respite care may be appropriate.

Transitioning from hospital

When a friend or family member has been in hospital and is ready to leave, but not quite ready to go home. This can be for someone who is feeling a little frail and would like the support of care professionals to help them back to health, before heading back home. Often, respite care is required urgently, but we’re always on hand to assist with unplanned or last-minute stays.   

Holiday respite

Where there’s an elderly loved one living independently but has the support of family or friends who are going on holiday, respite care can be an option. This service provides both the temporary resident and their friends and family with comfort in the knowledge that there’s always support on hand. The resident can enjoy the warm and sociable environment of one of our lodges, taking part in daily activities and making use of our fantastic facilities.  

Relief care

Sometimes we all need a break, especially carers, but also the person they’re caring for. For example, caring for somebody with a form of Dementia, like Alzheimer’s, can be a challenge. Relief care can be an option for those who need the time to recharge, offering both the carer and the loved one an opportunity for a break.

An Introduction to care

Respite care isn’t always just for an unplanned stay, holiday cover or relief; it can provide the perfect introduction to care for those loved ones that are hesitant or unsure if it’s for them. Introductory stays give the prospective resident, their family and friends an opportunity to see how a care home fits.

“We're always made to feel very welcome at any time in this friendly, family atmosphere. ”